Two old peoples travel experiences


If you do not get excited about a holiday then why go?

The reason many people go on holiday is to relax, however:-

Neuropsychologist Dr David Lewis, chairman of research consultancy Mindlab, international, said: “Holiday stresses often stem from unrealistic expectations of a completely care-free vacation.

“The fact is that worries don’t disappear just because you are in the sun; in fact when the mind doesn’t have the usual day-to-day challenges and demands to cope with, it typically finds other things to occupy it, such as money worries.

“Taking up activities, learning a few phrases in the local language and exploring the culture are just a few ways to keep your mind busy, helping you unwind more quickly.”

So by reading our weblog we do hope that we can help alleviate some of that stress for you.

Corfu May 2019

And so the adventure continues

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India April/May 2019

Like many other people we have a bucket list of things to do and places to visit, although India is on it, we never thought we would ever get to visit, then, one day….

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Portugal January 2019

We never buy each other birthday or Christmas presents, nor do we buy surprise gifts, we just put our money into a pot and see what we can do with it, such was the reason we went to Portugal out of season, remember those words… out of season

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Rhodes May 2018

So many Greek Islands to choose from! History, beach for fishing, snorkelling and places to go and visit, Rhodes was our choice in the end.. More to come….

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Morocco January 2018

After the death of my father, Phil decided I needed cheering up and a rest so with the little bit of money dad left me, and the low prices that were online, we returned to Marrakesh. Only this time I came home with something unexpected.

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Morocco October 2017

This was our first holiday in which we not only went with someone else, but they did the booking and everything. It was weird not being in control but it was also lovely going with someone I had known for such a long time, 35 years in all.

Egypt March 2017

This was yet another first for us! We went on a coach tour! It was amazing!
First everything as per usual had to be booked only this time I was not going to tell Phil where we were going, this resulted in eight months of agony for me trying to keep it secret and trying NOT to give things away

Southern Ireland March 2016

We decided on something different this year, a cottage in County Cork, Southern Ireland, somewhere Mike could do fishing  as well as sightseeing of course but this time we drove, well Phil did as I cannot. We travelled by car and ferry to a lovely little village with a big history called Baltimore

Malta March 2015

We decided to try Malta again and this time booked in for two whole weeks. Getting Phil to agree with me that another holiday, at the same price as the one we had before, would be good for us, was not easy I can tell you! But I persevered and eventually he agreed.

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Malta March 2013

This was our first holiday since we became adults, both of us being to busy until now to take one. It was a gift, from a wonderful friend, but it did not turn out like they expected! This website was set up so our friend could see what we got up to  on our weeks holiday.  

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