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Foreign Currency

Some of the best ways to cope with money before you leave and when you arrive

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It is always handy to have the number of the local embassy

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Buying something for youself or a gift for family and friends?

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Souvenirs and Gifts

So you are off to some strange and wonderful place and it is on the list to bring home memories.

First do you have the room in your baggage? If you fully packed your bags and there is no space weightwise then the only thing to do is post it home. Or is it? We have sent postcards to our friends from different countries and, well lets just 4 years and still waiting!! So perhaps presents and souvenirs by post may not be a good idea. The other way is to be prepared to pay the extra weight on your baggage. Or pack less before you go.

Watch out when buying you are not getting Chinese rip offs. Try to get to local factories. More expensive but guaranteed local and invariably far superior quality.

Make sure you do not have to pay extra tax on what you purchase. Alcohol nearly always has an extra tax on it as does perfume.

Taking photos is the best memories you can have. One simple souvenir too

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