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Foreign Currency

Depending on where you are travelling to will depend on what monetary system they are using.

Some are easy to exchange and can be done locally in you Post Office, others however are not so easy such as Egyptian Pounds. You can only get these literally in Egypt so make sure you take a travel credit/debit card (one you use specifically just for travel)  with you that you can use in then local AMT’s to get your Egyptian Pounds. Having said that, when you tip the toilet attendants they love the good old English Pound or US Dollar.

Do not leave it too late to get local currency. You do not need a lot of cash, but enough to tip taxi drivers etc on arrival.

Leave the rest of your money on the card you have chosen to use as your travel card.

Make sure you have informed your bank as to which card you are using abroad and where to.

Be aware that some ATM’s have a charge when you use them, as does your bank back home!

If you can, get a Mastercard from the Post Office. this can be used practically evverywhere and will mean that you only need a small amount of cash for tips etc.

The reason it is best to use a card is that you then do not have a lot of cash to convert back into your own currency.

Heavens if your card is stolen! In this case you must act quickly.

1. Report the theft as soon as you can.

2. Check your banks website for the 24 hour overseas number.

3. Phone the bank and you may be able to arrange a cash transfer from a local bank

If you are like us, we always have another bank account to fall back on. This card is kept in the safe at the hotel for emergencies.

Meanwhile here is a currency converter you can use!

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