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Bucket Lists

What is the origin of the Bucket List?

It is believed that the phrase has been in use since about 2006, however, came into its own when the film ‘The Bucket List’ was released in 2007.


It is a list of things that one day a person would like to achieve or do or visit, such as


See the Pyramids.

Wash an elephant

Go up in a hot Air Balloon

Go fishing in as many Seas in the world as possible

Visit each Continent


In the film Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman play a couple of cancer patients who make a wish list of things they would like to do before they kick the bucket, so to speak.


Your bucket list can be as short or as long as you make it. Remember this is personal to you. If you are married then it should reflect places and things you both want to do. Some may of the things chosen may be the same, other different but will lead to wonderful shared experiences for your memories.


It maybe that you had ideas when you were young and now have the time to carry them out.


A bucket list can sometimes be a good place when researching a holiday.


For instance. 

In Egypt we got to go in a Hot Air Balloon and Phil got to fish in The Red Sea and the Nile

In Morocco we got to  ride camels and Phil. er did not do any fishing, but we got to see fishing boats!

In India we went to the Taj Mahal. And Phil did not fish but did get to see the inside of an Indian Hospital.


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