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Who are we and what are we doing here? Well, let's see if we can....

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An introduction

  Hi!!   We are Phil and Morgan, a couple on the other side of 60 who have been experiencing the world as mature travellers although we prefer the term recycled teenagers!

   As a couple we met later in life and so our travelling adventures did not start until we had been together for more than 10 years.

We have put together on this site our personal accounts, some photography, videos, and advice on how to travel if you have disabilities or feel you cannot travel because of your age.

Let us introduce ourselves to you.

We are Phil and Morgan.

Before we met we had both been married before.

Phil has had no children but Morgan has had three, all of whom get on very well with Phil.

We had been together for 12 years (married for 2 of them), when we had our first holiday as adults.

You can read more about how that came about here…

Phil was a market trader when we first got together and used to take Morgan with him.

This is when he first learned about her CFS/ME. He had never seen someone who could sleep so much!  On top of this she also had high blood pressure and asthma over which she has an element of control over as she knows her triggers. She also has PTSD and anxiety.

After a few more years, including an exciting wedding, Morgan was also diagnosed with Fibromyalgia; this affected her walking as her muscles would seize up and sometimes, if she wasn’t careful, might rip as well. Hence she was now on crutches.

Then she got Type 2 diabetes.

Now, before anyone gets the wrong idea there is something about us you must understand. We are always happy and, as the song goes we ‘always look on the bright side of life’. And this has proved a very integral part of our lives as well as enjoying our holidays.

You have probably guessed by now that Phil soon had to give up work in the markets to become Morgan’s 24/7 carer. He didn’t mind as he loves her very much, so much that despite when he first met her he said he would never marry again, he proposed and after 8 years of friendship we became man and wife.

So why are we on the internet?

Well if you read a little more about how we got our first holiday then you will know that we are here to help you and hopefully give some advice to those of you who think you might not be suited to travelling because of your own foibles as Morgan calls her ailments.

As she will tell you, they are put there to challenge you, not to deter you from your dreams.

So please read on and we hope you take something with you from our site, not matter what it is whether it is knowledge or just a good laugh at our adventures. We hope you enjoy reading our stories as much as we have had experiencing them.

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