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May 2019 This was meant to have been our cooling down from India holiday, only it was cooler in others ways too.

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Travel republic


April 2019 Special birthdays and anniversaries and a small lotto win sent us packing for India    

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January 2019 Winter in South Portugal was not as I remembered as a child! But we still had fun.

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May 2018 What to give a man for his 65th birthday? Why! A ticket for his fishing gear of course!

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January 2018 Morgans father passed away so we went for some R&R to Morroco again

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September 2017 We went to my best friend and her husband on this holiday. it was fun!

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March 2017 This was yet another first for us! We went on a coach tour, it was amazing!

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tour radar

Southern Ireland

March 2016 We travelled by car and ferry to a  little village with a big history called Baltimore 

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imagine ireland


March 2015 We decided to try Malta again and this time booked in for two whole weeks..    

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Malta 2013

March 2013 Our first holiday was a gift from a wonderful friend. This website was set up so they could see what we got up to  on our weeks holiday.       Read more…   

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